MMTB is a 501c3 Non-Profit Filmmaking Organization- "MMTB Supports Filmmakers, Actors, Writers etc. throughout the SF Bay Area, Sacramento and Beyond by providing a place to Connect, Create, and Succeed!!" Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento Since 2010
MMTB is a 501c3 Non-Profit Filmmaking Organization- "MMTB Supports Filmmakers, Actors, Writers etc. throughout the SF Bay Area, Sacramento and Beyond by providing a place to Connect, Create, and Succeed!!" Serving the Bay Area & Sacramento Since 2010

MMTB- Director’s Challenge- Screening/Production/POTLUCK –

ON this event we- Get into teams, Make Short Films, Network, Eat (It’s a Potluck, Bring a Food Item to Avoid Extra $10 Charge), Watch Short Films from the previous event and Vote.


PLEASE REGISTER-(New Members Only) –

$10 Donation with Registration and Food Item ($20 without)

MUA’s with complete kits and DP’s with Pro Camera Gear are FREE to get in with food item AFTER their first Event/Film Submission. DP’s/Directors that fail to provide footage or dont get their films in can’t Direct or DP with us again.

More Detailed Info on the event and to see some films we’ve made, go to-


YES- We will do a short filming production/ Director’s Challenge this day, so don’t forget your gear and extra props.

YES- There will be food- It is a POTLUCK- so bring a food item to avoid extra charge to get in.

YES- This is a film community event for fun and networking

YES- We will have short film screenings at the end of the evening of the films submitted from Jan and Feb events as well as the Producer’s Challenge for 1st Quarter.

YES- We will be voting on All these films except any non competition films.

NO (not this time)- We will take YouTube Screening requests during some point of the evening. – for this location, please bring playable DVD and a memory card or drive with your film just in case.

…If your under 18- Must bring a copy of an entertainment work permit for your file in order to participate- and must be accompanied by a Parent at all times. If it is a small child, parents must have full control and if any disruptions or the child is not controlled reasonably they may not be able to return to any future events.

12:00 PM: Check in, Meet, Mingle, Connect, Eat, Network!

1-2:00pm— Team Selection- Gather up with your NEW filming teams, fill out your credit sheets and your off to film. Once all of this begins and you are late, you may only be able to be an on looker, someone who watches the filming but cannot participate unless asked to be an extra. But that is still fun to do ;o)- There may be a possibility that you may assigned to a team but this depends on how many people are already on teams.

Time Varies: THAT’S A WRAP!- No More Taping Allowed

Time Varies: Screening of MMTB’s Challenge Films- Vote

8:30 PM: Winners Announced (engraved trophies after event)

9:00 PM: Goodnight Until NEXT TIME!

SUBMISSIONS DUE for the movies made during this event BY YouTube to Elena via facebook- June 1st, 2012- and then once approved, must upload film to dropbox by the next day. These Films will be screened and voted on Second Saturday of June Event.

THIS IS FOR FUN, FOOD, MOVIE MAKING AND NETWORKING!!! NO STRESS ENVIRONMENT- Please don’t stress out about having a perfect product in 6 hours or possibly less. Please respect that everyone is there to enjoy there day. NO pre-written scripts please, everyone will pitch their ideas to their chosen teams , vote on them and decide whos to go with, should be very quick and easy. Anyone can act in the film including the directors and writers. Writers will organize all the thoughts including their own and write out lines etc needed to help with task

Everyone will be able to participate in the shoots, choosing will continue until everyone is selected, even if you will be an extra

We are going to play a great production game, and by the end of the event, everyone will have filmed a short to take home and edit by our deadline. After the deadline, we will screen them at our next event people will vote for the best and receive an MMTB Award. Come and Have fun, you will regret it if you miss out!

To see some of the films we have already made during our events and all the winners, Go to UNDER MMTB VIDEO PAGES


Please bring all the props, wardrobe, mics, ALL equipment that you can, everything will be helpful for you to get a leg up in the game..

Min $10 donation + one food item
Donations go towards the cost of the event location and other costs to put on the event.
(to avoid paying more, please register and bring a food item)
$20 Registered with NO food item or non-registered with or without a food item

CASH ONLY AND NO DISCOUNTS FOR ONLY STAYING A FEW HOURS- Please do not come and harass the door staff when you cannot pay.

IF YOU ARE NOT PREREGISTERED and/or dont have a food item, IT WILL BE $20 AT THE DOOR.

TO BE A DIRECTOR/TEAM LEADER YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA EQUIPMENT or DP/cinematographer with equipment. – PEOPLE WITH CAMERA EQUIPMENT ARE FREE OF CHARGE with food item AT THEIR 2ND TIME DIRECTING WITH MMTB (must have submitted at least one successful MMTB Director Challenge film in order to qualify for FREE ADMISSION with food item)

– GOLD – Directors with Camera equipment/Camera Men –(TEAM LEADER- CAN BRING THEIR OWN CAMERA MAN and Crew WITH THEM IF THEY WANT TO- each must pay to get in and bring food item)
– BLUE – Writers
– SILVER – Sound, Animation, Editors, Producers & PA’s etc.
– WHITE – Solo Group- Event Coverage, Props, Wardrobe, Makeup (MUA WITH COMPLETE KIT FREE OF CHARGE with food item) etc and Floaters (can be used by everyone)
– RED – Actors, Performers, Extras etc.

See you there!!

DIRECTORS- In order to be a director, you must have a professional camera. You may or may not end up with a sound or lighting person, so if you have extra gear, bring it!! The more gear you have, the better equipped you will be for whatever story comes your way!

ACTORS- Don’t forget to bring a few different outfits and any extra props


Meet, Network, Eat, Mingle, and Make Movies!:

– There will be a table set up for fliers, brochures, resumes, business cards, head shots, so if you want to share anything including other creative products you may have for sale, please feel free to bring them along.

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